Sometimes people can be daunted or overwhelmed with downsizing and moving somewhere new or into a retirement village, however of the transitions that Katie Fitzpatrick and her team from Moving On have assisted with, almost every single person is happy with the move. Having someone there to assist during the moving process really can make a world of difference.

Katie Fitzpatrick’s company Moving On has a clear purpose and vision, which is integrity, respect and genuine care for the people you care about and love.

A multitude of contributing factors pushed Katie into her line of work, and she hasn’t looked back since she started.

A while back, Katie and her family were struck with task of sorting through the belongings of their late mother, she had also had friends who had been through similar situations and she understood first-hand how those in vulnerable situations can be taken advantage of when it comes to packing up a lifetime of belongings and moving.

“I remember when we first started, and a client would relay a story about a vase or a painting we were packing up thinking – imagine if someone did this without appreciating the story and its journey. Everyone has a story to tell -it really doesn’t matter how big or small a life is, it’s still an important tale.

“I am very aware of vulnerability, and there are many people who don’t have family or friends to help them and are dependent on someone to assist. When I was researching and exploring what options were available for seniors I saw that there was a real gap and an opportunity to do this with a lot more sincerity than what was available,” says Katie.

Moving On is a total service. Katie and her team don’t leave until they know their client is sorted, their bed is made, and they can relax.

“I really do get the most enormous satisfaction from my work,’” says Katie.

Katie says she is very strict about who she employs and has a team of people who are naturally empathetic, patient and who understand the importance of the moving process. “I often say to my team how important it is to treat our clients respectfully suggesting that in 30- or 40-years’ time it could be them going through the same process. Treat the client as you would like to be treated.” she says.

Katie’s team really does go above and beyond to deliver an outstanding service. She says the team will always do whatever they can to make things as seamless and easy as possible for their clients, and a lot of the time it is fun too.

“It is always a stressful time, but I like to think we can relieve that and bring a measure of humour and enjoyment to the move.  Both parties get a lot of enjoyment out of the process. It can also be an extremely emotional time if the move is brought about through a series of unfortunate circumstances. We appreciate this and are sensitive to the enormity a move can be.

“We know concerns about moving or decluttering don’t stop at 5pm, so we offer a 24-hour,7 day a week service and we are happy to discuss your move or last-minute details at any time,” she says.

Some initial tips on decluttering and packing up from Katie are to:

  • Start with all your papers and photographs – these are the most important things and can take some time to go through. If anything goes sideways you have the most important things sorted!
  • Label boxes and furniture with coloured stickers. This helps to identify what is going with you and what is going elsewhere.

To find out more about Katie’s business, click here.