Before your loved one moves in

We work with residents and their loved ones to understand their needs, preferences and goals before they move in so we can make sure your loved one is relaxed as possible when they join us.

Our doors are always open, so residents and their families can see the facilities and care available, meet our staff and get to know the people supporting your loved one moving forward.

Once your loved one has moved in

We are firm believers in spending quality time with our residents to gain greater insights to their personality and understand what makes them happy. We conduct extensive one-on-one sessions with our residents to create a detailed individual care plan that ensures we can then deliver the highest level of care to your loved one.


There are several ways of staying in touch at Rawhiti Estate, from regular emails and calls with our care staff and residents through to video calls using specially designed tablets provided to all our residents.

You and your loved one choose the best way to stay involved and updated at a level that works best for you both.

To learn more about our community, join our Facebook page or sign up to our database.