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6 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2017

6 Ways To Stay Healthy In 2017

Health is such a big component of maintaining a balanced and positive life as we enter old age. With all your New Years Resolutions in...

Best of Baby Boomer Music

The Best of Baby Boomer Music

Determining the best of baby boomer music isn’t an easy task. No two sources can agree on the same songs. Still, some retirement rockers appeared...

Foods to Fuel the Aging Mind

Foods to Fuel the Aging Mind

As we age our body and brain requires a fresh approach to food, taking in the nutrients that keeps our mind sharp and active for...

Daily Walks in Remuera

Daily Walks in Remuera

One of the great aspects about living in Remuera is the opportunity to get outside for a glorious old walk. There are many fantastic spots...

Retirement Living with a Canine Companion

Best Dogs for Retirement Living

Dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friend and into retirement this becomes an even greater truth. These loyal animals can brighten up your days with...