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Why Every Retiree Should Write an Autobiography

Why Every Retiree Should Write an Autobiography

If you have ever entertained the notion of penning your own personal memoir but laughed it off or considered it foolish, you should ignore those second thoughts. Here are several reasons why anyone, especially someone who has made it to retirement, should get around to writing an autobiography.

  1. You Can Tell Your Story

The most basic reason to write an autobiography is that you want your life story to be told without filtration: you can be as open and truthful as you want. Having a physical, or digital, record of your life story also means that your family members or close friends can understand things from your perspective. If you are confident in sharing your life story with others, it can be enriching not just for yourself but for your loved ones too.

  1. It Can Be Therapeutic

No one makes it to retirement age without experiencing sorrow or regret. While these feelings are hardly pleasant, it can be even more unpleasant to keep them hidden away. By writing out your autobiography, you can bring closure to the unhappiness and toxic relationships you may have been dwelling on from the past. Just like when you discuss your issues with a close friend or psychologist, writing an autobiography helps you deal with the things that cloud your mind. There is something to be said for the direct nature of having everything written down and becoming a tangible, discernible thing, instead of allowing those anxieties and bad thoughts to swim around in your mind and left to fester.

  1. It Can Be Educational for Others

You have lived through eras that some people have never had the fortune or misfortune to encounter. Your autobiography can serve as a way to better inform your children and grandchildren about the troubles, technologies and world events that you experienced. You may have travelled the world, served in the army or partaken in historic events. Every generation lives through a unique time in history, so it can be enriching to share how you lived through these times.

  1. It Can be Enlightening

Working through the names, dates, and events of your life in sequential order can lead to surprising outcomes. When you sit back and assess how much each of those elements contributed to the person you are now, you open yourself up to seeing roads in your life that you may not have even been aware you had trod. Some people might perceive their rough childhoods as a series of uncontrollable circumstances that their adult minds may now understand was due to toxic influences of friends or family members.

  1. It Can Be a Chance to Make Some Extra Money

Although far more material a reason than the others presented in this list, you would be surprised by just how many people are interested in the generations that came before them. A particularly captivating autobiography can lead to income that can help out with life’s present and future expenses. If you doubt that the public would be interested in the story of your life, allow several third parties to make that decision for you. After consulting with several people, you should have an idea of whether or not you should look into publishers. The worst-case scenario here is that while you won’t make any money for your efforts, you will still have a record of your time on the planet and that is something that no amount of money in the whole wide world can take away you.

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