You may not know it, but for the last three years Auckland has been home to the world’s first exact replica of Shakespeare’s second Globe.

By March this year Auckland’s Pop-Up Globe will have seen five summer seasons and seventeen productions. Starting in the summer of 2016, the Pop-Up Globe has just under three months left, and is sure to continue to wow audiences with its closing shows.

When asked about what the highlights over the years have been, the Pop-Up Globe’s Artistic Director and Founder, Dr Miles Gregory said “the Pop-Up Globe has been a remarkable and historic success since it first began. Taking it to Melbourne in 2017, just over a year after we first opened, and producing a critically acclaimed season that attracted audiences of nearly 150,000 people over a twenty-week period remains a huge highlight for us.”

The Pop-Up Globe’s most popular performance was the award-winning Māori inspired ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which has been in near-continuous performance in both Auckland and Australia for two years since its premier in December 2017. Around 20 per cent of the production was spoken in Te Reo Māori and it won best play in Sydney’s Broadway World Theatre Awards in 2018.

The Pop-up Globe is incredibly unique and extremely popular, with some audience members even attending the same show over twenty times in a single season!

“Audiences at the Pop-Up Globe get to experience Shakespeare in the space for which it was written and originally performed. The audience is never more than 15 metres from the stage, bringing a level of intimacy and interaction you don’t often get in an ordinary theatre, particularly the ‘groundlings’, who stand and revel in the experience of being part of the performance,” says Dr Gregory.

The Pop-Up Globe and its spectacular performances are no simple task – with a season currently open in Perth, and another about to open in Auckland, the Pop-up Globe employs over 120 people in two countries, working on seven different productions, making it one of the largest theatre producers in the southern hemisphere.

The Theatre puts on matinee performances most weekends and has wheelchair and companion access. They have also introduced backed chairs into the lower gallery so anyone with mobility issues can reduce the number of steps needed and will have back support.

Back for the final season is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. The theatre will also close with hit West End Show ‘Emilia’ in March.

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