Nowadays you can find Margie and Bill and their wee dog Oscar nestled in their gorgeous apartment at Rawhiti Estate.

Like many people however, Margie and Bill were fairly adamant that they would not move into a retirement village.  But as life tends to do, it takes its twists and turns, and Margie now says that moving into Rawhiti on a spur of the moment decision is something they have not regretted.

Prior to life at Rawhiti Estate, Bill who is a life member of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron worked with the archives and memorabilia and was well known as the ‘historian’ of the RNZYS.  He is currently keeping an eye on the library that is being converted from the old billiard room at the RNZYS site.

Margie continues to work a few days a week at a beautiful home-ware store in Parnell and has been grateful for the ease with which she can come and go from Rawhiti “I am appreciative of the privacy and independence that we are able to have here, although it has been a change in setting, it is definitely home for us.

“We have been able to make this apartment our place, adding all our own personal touches and another great aspect is that the things like laundry can be taken care of, meaning I don’t need to worry,” says Margie.

Having previously lived on Benson Rd, Margie watched as Rawhiti Estate grew from the ground up, regularly walking past the building site with their dog, who is now a friendly face at Rawhiti.

“It really has been amazing how kind people have been, during the move everyone at Rawhiti was there to help, even though it was a big change, they made us feel very settled,” says Bill.

Margie and Bill enjoy the Tuesday night dinner that Rawhiti puts on for the Independent Apartment residents.

“There is a big gang of us that all get together each Tuesday and we catch up and find out what’s been happening with each other.  There is a great comradery of all the residents,” says Margie.

Prior to life a Rawhiti Estate, Margie and Bill were keen travellers, jetting off every few years to Europe to visit Margie’s daughter who was living in the UK at the time.  Margie says, “I know it’s a classic, but France was our favourite spot to visit, followed closely by England.”

“We love the world and all the sights we have seen; however, it really is special for us that we can continue be at home in our own neighbourhood here in Remuera.”