With warm afternoons and longer evenings, enjoying sunny days at the beach or in the garden at home provides the perfect excuse to park-up with a cool drink and read a book. Whether it is a juicy drama or a spine-chilling thriller, there is nothing quite like getting stuck into a good book (or books) over the summer months.

One Remuera local knows all about the perks of reading a great book on a summer afternoon. As a young girl she used to visit the Remuera Library and has forever had a love for reading. Hilary Arrowsmith has been directly involved with Remuera Library since 2001 and her presence is cherished and welcomed by many.

Hilary runs two book clubs from the Library, one on-site and another at 7 Saint Vincent Retirement Village. One of her top skills, which she is continuously practicing, is the art of describing a book in five sentences.

“I am lucky enough to have reasonably quick access to a wide range of new books and I love hearing from others about the books they like,” says Hilary.

She says people often seek her out in the library to tell her about their reading. “I find myself writing those down in a monthly edition of ‘You Said It!’ – which comprises a list of favourite books read by the book club, customers and staff.”

Four book suggestions from Hilary for the summer months are:

·         The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan

This novel tells the story of the hit-and-run death of a student on the campus of Galway University late on evening. Her body is discovered by the partner of a detective who is called to the scene. Themes that appear are giftedness, pharmaceutical company tactics and familial bonds. A jolly good read!

·         Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owns

Hilary says this is probably her best book of the year! It centres around Kya who was abandoned by her father and grows up alone in the marshland of North Carolina (1952-1969). It is an intertwined time setting with Kya as a child and then as an adult, connected by the murder of a young man in the late sixties.

“I have bought this book for family and friends and recommended it for book clubs, and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed it!” says Hilary.

·         The Secretary by Renee Knight

Who takes any notice of the woman taking the notes during any business meeting? Who really looks at the Personal Assistant moving behind celebrated company owner Mina Appleton, buys presents for her kids and so forth? The answer is – no one! But rest assured – this is about to change when loyalty and discretion are taken for granted. A good psycho thriller.

·         Close to Where the Heart Gives Out by Malcolm Alexander

This is a memoir by Scottish GP Malcolm Alexander about his first year as the sole doctor on the Orkney Island of Eday. “I loved the real affection evident in his account of settling into the island community with his wife and 4 little boys. It made me want to see the island for myself,” said Hilary.

The Remuera library has a regular and forever expanding customer base of both adults and children, Hilary says that people can keep up to date with what is going on by checking the Auckland Libraries website here or you can follow Remuera Library on Facebook here.

Hilary often invites a regular list of people to both daytime and evening talks by email – if you would like to be added to the list, please email Hilary at Hilary.Arrowsmith@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.