Helping people choose the perfect gift for someone special is a service that The Bay Tree of Remuera has been providing for 24 years.  Owner Glenys Hoskins shares some of her wisdom about the gift of giving.

There are long-standing customers of The Bay Tree of Remuera who drop in every week to look at new items and chat because the shop has become part of their social network.

Glenys says it is like being part of an extended family, and the business has grown up with the people it has been serving for so many years.

“We now have the children of our founding customers coming in, while a number of our loyal Remuera customers are now residents at Rawhiti Estate and continue to pay regular visits.”

Glenys travels to Australia and further afield every year, attending gift trade fairs and hunting for the perfect items for the store.  Her buying philosophy is guided by the store’s design story: an item has to be consistent with the look and quality on which The Bay Tree of Remuera has built its reputation.

“Our customers can expect that I will reflect interiors trends in my choices – but they also know I won’t be governed by them.  An item has to be at the right price point and it has to be well-made and presented.  Ugly packaging will not find its way into my store because if an item does not look good, it won’t sell.”

New Zealand-made items account for around 20 per cent of total stock and are subjected to the same quality standards: they have to look good, perform well, and be available at an accessible price.

Providing guidance is an important part of the service she and her team provide.

“We are often asked to advise on the right gift for the ‘person who has everything’.  We excel at solving this dilemma.  The first thing I ask is if the recipient’s taste and style are classic or modern – and then we will find something within the customer’s budget.”

Gift wrapping is all part of the service and is provided at no additional charge.