It’s swimming season, and whether you like to paddle in the pool, jump through the ocean waves or take a dip in the lake, there are many benefits to swimming, so it is a great time to get the bathers out and brush up on your breaststroke. It is one of the best forms of exercise for those who are unable undertake other forms of cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, biking etc.

Spokesperson for The Olympic Pools in Newmarket, Nick Tyrrell says there are many forms of aquatic exercises you can try out, all of which will assist in developing fitness level. Most forms of swimming push your heart rate to between 120-150 bpm which will almost guarantee fitness results.

Nick says, “the fitness benefits reach far and wide…simply beginning with the fact that swimming regularly will make you fitter! By continuously moving your muscles to keep you moving forward, and staying afloat, your body will work overtime, and your heart rate will increase.

“Swimming helps to stretch out your joints, and it improves flexibility. The movements of rotating and twisting and reaching forward are like doing yoga in the water, but with the additional benefit of adding in cardio. Improving flexibility is important for elderly people and can be a huge help for day-to-day activities and general wellbeing.”

Another major benefit of swimming is that it is low impact. Your body is buoyant in water, and that can take much of the pressure of your joints, leaving you free to enjoy the exercise without worrying about the impact, and most of the time it’s fun too! A good idea is to find a swimming partner or someone you can swim with; this helps to keep yourself accountable and keep up the exercise.

If you are a resident at Rawhiti Estate why not take yourself for a dip at the pool on site! Or if you are keen for an outing, the Olympic Pools in Newmarket have slow, medium and fast lanes in their 50m swimming pool to cater to all swim-levels. The Olympic is offering any readers of Rawhiti Estate Newsletter a single free entry to trial the pool (free of charge), simply mention the Newsletter on arrival.