What is the Deferred Management Fee (DMF) and what does it cover?

Rawhiti Estate provides comprehensive services and high quality facilities to all residents. For residents in the independent living apartments, the DMF is a maximum of 30% (over three years) and covers provision of all the facilities and building maintenance. Residents in our assisted living care suites should discuss their individual circumstances with us, as fees differ for residents in care depending on the status of Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) assessments.

When is my capital repaid?

Your capital is usually repaid when we receive the entry payment from a new resident.

What is covered in my weekly village fees?

We want our residents to relax in the knowledge that the details are well taken care of. Our weekly village fee covers a wide range of services for all residents, including electricity, water, heating, telephone line rental, wifi connection and usage, rubbish collection, daily towels and weekly bed linen changes, weekly cleaning of your home, morning and afternoon tea each day and a weekly appointment with a health professional (if required).

Can I transfer to another apartment or care suite?

Yes. It is also important to note that existing residents are prioritised for access to our assisted living care suites, provided a suitable option is available.

Who is responsible for insurance and rates?

Building insurance and rates are covered in your fees, however you will need to insure your home and contents.

What happens if I come into the village and I decide it isn’t for me?

While we are confident you will love your new home and lifestyle at Rawhiti Estate, we also understand the importance of making the right choice for this important stage of your life. We offer all new residents in our independent living apartments a 90-day ‘change your mind’ money-back guarantee which gives you the freedom to make sure moving to Rawhiti is the right choice for you.

Can I have people to stay?

Short term guests are always welcome, however we are unable to allow permanent guests in your home.

Is there an age for entry?

Our general guideline for the age of entry is 70 years, however we understand that people of other ages may have different needs. We encourage you to discuss your needs with us directly so we can help you explore suitable options.

Are Pets allowed?

Family pets are welcome to move into your home with you, however this does need to be approved by our management team first.

Can I bring my tools and other hobby gear from home?

Yes you can, provided your gear can be stored in either your apartment or storage locker. Residents in the assisted living care suites should discuss their needs with our village manager.

Is storage available on site?

Residents in the independent living apartments have access to a storage locker located in front of your dedicated car park. Residents in the assisted living care suites do not have access to on-site storage.

Do you have a procedure for complaints?

Yes, you can download a copy of our complaints policy here